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Complet eco-system that allow you to track all your positions and get the most profit out of your pos coins with an powerfull intuitive platform. Our team at your service brings constant evolutions according to your choices.

No Requirements

An intuitive user interface to manage your coins, stake rewards, transparent and secure. Without you need install wallet or vps.


Save tons of time by swapping your coins directly on the platform!

Modern Design

Simple and easy to use for everyone.

Automated & managed

Earn your rewards automatly & manage your portfolio simply.

Community based

You decide which coin and which function comes next! You know exactly what you need... and we listen to you.

Affiliate & Rank System

Invites friends or wins affiliates will be rewarded. Save up to 25% of the fees from each Stake.

Work Process

Everything that we know about our reality comes by way of our senses. In other words, our entire experience of reality is simply.

Trusted Certified
We are KYD Partners, all our coins is verified.
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Stake and earn your rewards in your account
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All services is free. We just take 2.5% fees on rewards
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We list only the Good PoS Crypto

Some of our
Frequently Asked Question

Which coin can i stake in the pool ?

You can see our coin collection at our website (see our listing on top of this page). You can buy these coins on different exchanges like Crypto-bridge or CoinExchange. Soon you will able to buy directly in the platform with our exchange.

How long does a deposit usually take?

Only one confirmation need for confirm your deposit, it may take up to 10 minute to 2 hours to show up in your account balance and deposit history. If it’s taking longer than 4 hours, please create a support ticket.

How to earn staking rewards?

It's really simple. Register on and make your first deposit. After some hours, (depending on crypto you choice) you will receive your first reward and payment !

Is there a fee to join the pool ?

It´s totally free to signup at Staking.Live pool and start staking. We just charge a small fee of 2.5% on the staking rewards to pay for servers and other expenses (NO DEPOSIT & NO WITHDRAWAL FEE!).

How long does a withdrawal usually take?

Our withdrawals are fully automated. No limited per day, but delay depend to your rank. This can take 1h to 8h. If it’s taking longer than 9 hours, please create a support ticket.

I can invit my friend and win more?

Everyone who builds a team, invites friends or wins affiliates will be rewarded for lifetime. Save up to 25% of the fees from each stake.

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